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Coverage You Can Trust: Meet Our Homeowners Insurance Product-Line, Now Available In Oklahoma, Arkansas, And Illinois


We're excited to let our friends in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Illinois know: we have officially launched our long-awaited homeowners product-line for you to conveniently package with your Cornerstone Auto policy! 

The CNI Mobile App is Here To Make Insurance Easy!



Introducing the CNI Mobile App - the ultimate solution for simplifying your insurance experience. With this cutting-edge app, you can easily take care of all your insurance needs from the convenience of your home or the road. From filing claims to making payments, the CNI App has you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple insurance policies and hello to the ease and convenience of the CNI Mobile App.

Coverage That Goes Below The Surface: Find Out How Beneficial & Affordable Service Line Protection Is


It's no secret that homeownership comes with many undeniable perks. However, the "American Dream" also comes with its fair share of unexpected problems (and costs) - many of which you can't see. And if there's one thing most homeowners can mutually agree on, it's that out of sight should not mean out of mind when it comes to property maintenance. After all, some of the costliest potential home repairs lie buried below the surface. We're talking about your home's service lines. 

Spreading Local Love: What Happens When You Shop Local + Our Favorite Columbia Small Businesses


Imagine just for a moment what your town would look - and feel like - without its small businesses. They're quite literally the heartbeat of your community, providing infinite character and charm at every turn: The cozy coffee shop on the corner with the best espresso around; The novelty bookstore that carries all the classics; The karate studio all your siblings went to, and now your kids frequent; The antique shop that houses all the beautiful history and enchantment of the past you admire so much today; Your uncle's bar and grill that doesn't know an empty seat on Game Day. The now wildly successful hair salon your best friend from high school only ever dreamed of opening. Without a doubt, these local shops and the brave people who run them leave a lasting impression on your town and all who visit.

Fostering Community Involvement: Simple Ways To Show Support For The Charities & Small Businesses You Love


Like clockwork, when this time of year rolls around, the importance of community involvement and giving back takes center stage. But what if the blending of those two concepts could guide our actions all year round? See, the beautiful thing about community betterment is that it's needed - and made possible - every day thanks to generous people willing to volunteer their time and voice to the causes that so desperately need one.

Supporting The Small Business Movement: 8 Stellar Reasons To Shop Local This Holiday Season

It's no secret that COVID-19 related closures and restrictions have impacted our country's many small businesses in numerous challenging ways. The global pandemic has thrown one too many hurdles in the path of nearly every small business owner, constantly testing their ability to profitably adjust their business model and keep their passion alive month after month. Although all business and economic stimulation are positive during this time, small businesses offer a crucial aid to local, state, and national economies.

Planning Your Perfect Summer Road Trip: Where To Go, How To Prep Your Car, & What To Pack


In: CNI Auto

Storm Season Is Here: How To Quickly Prep Your Home For Midwest Storms




Ah, Spring: You bring us warmer weather (at least in the afternoon hours), pretty flowers, and green grass - a welcome sight after enduring months of drab scenery and freezing temperatures. While it's no secret that spring can be a beautiful thing about 80% of the time, the remainder is often spent enduring some of the year's most damaging storms.

As Midwest natives, we know by now that this area we call home is no stranger to sporadic, volatile storm patterns. Therefore, as property owners in a very bipolar-weather region, the only way to cope with the inevitable each year is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Before jumping into our list of the best precautionary measures to help you and your property survive storm season, let's quickly look at what a typical Midwest storm season can involve. Plus, we'll assess the risks that follow as a result. 

Successfully Navigating The Road To Homeownership: From Start To Forever Home


It's the American Dream: Buying a home, putting down roots in a place you love, and building long-term equity to be proud of. Luckily for today's American Dreamers, choosing to take the home-buying path is more attainable and affordable than ever before.

Discover All The Ways You Can Save On Your Premium With CNI Discounts



We take notice when you take care. At Cornerstone, we believe proactive homeowners and drivers deserve to be rewarded for their safe habits. That's why we carefully crafted a long list of unique policy discounts designed to bring out the best in every CNI policy. Check out all the ways you can save at CNI.

Is Your Property A Good Candidate For Inland Flood Coverage? [Learn More About This CNI Endorsement Offered Exclusively To Our OK, AR, & IL Homeowners]

Fact: Floods are the number one most frequently occurring natural disaster in the United States, and the most costly, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

This statistic probably comes as no surprise, given the Midwest's many notorious flooding disasters over the years. But flooding events affect every part of the country, and uninsured homeowners in low-to-moderate risk areas are often unprotected against severe losses, leaving them with expensive out-of-pocket repair costs.

Claims Prevention 101: How You Can Avoid The Three Most Common Homeowners Insurance Claims

Much like parents try to prevent scrapes and bruises on their kiddos, homeowners do the same when it comes to their property. Nobody wants to see a big, blaring ouchie on their home, especially the kind that isn't budget-friendly to fix. But we all know by now that life (and Mother Nature) is highly unpredictable.

While we may not be able to control every weather event or issue to pop up at home base, we can control how well we plan for them. Keeping the three most common homeowners insurance claims in mind, let's jump into the most effective preventative measures every property owner can take to minimize or altogether avoid the damage of an unwanted what-if.

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