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Discover All The Ways You Can Save On Your Premium With CNI Discounts




0. 50101B_Intro CNI Discounts-01We take notice when you take care. At Cornerstone, we believe proactive homeowners and drivers deserve to be rewarded for their safe habits. That's why we carefully crafted a long list of unique policy discounts designed to bring out the best in every CNI policy. Check out all the ways you can save at CNI.

Home Discounts

1. 50101B_Claim Free Discount-01Policyholders who have had three years of claim-free history with CNI will qualify for this discount. An even more significant percentage will be discounted from the policy after five years of claim-free history. 

2. 50101B_New Home Credit-01-1

If your home is 20 years old or less, you'll see a credit to your policy. 

3. 50101B_Legacy Discount-01

Does loyalty to Cornerstone products run in your family? If so, all of you who hold active policies with us can get rewarded for it through this generous discount. 

4. 50101B_Senior Discount-01

With maturity comes rewards on your CNI policy. If you fall into that more seasoned age bracket, you'll see savings on your policy - you earned it! 

5. 50101B_Millennial Discount-01

We know that when it comes to shopping, millennials love a good discount. Save money on your CNI policy just for being the young, hip, and cool property owner you are.

6. 50101B_Internet-Connected Monitoring Discounts-01

At CNI, we reward tech-savvy homeowners who go one step further to protect their property. The installation and use of security devices actively connected through your home's Wi-Fi network mean major savings on your policy.

7. 50101B_Auto.Home Discount-01

It's all in the family - when you package your home and auto policies with CNI, you'll see exclusive savings on your policy.

8. 50101B_Military or Veteran Discount-01

Whether you're currently in active-duty status or a Veteran, your time in the Military can help you save on your CNI policy. Thank you for your sacrifice and service.

9. 50101B_Education or Public Safety Discount-01

Your commitment in the classroom and as a public servant - whether active or retired - doesn't go unnoticed. Save money on your CNI policy as a token of our gratitude for your dedication.

Auto Discounts

10. 50101B_Claim Free Discount-01Safe drivers are our kind of people. if you've been claim-free for multiple years, watch the savings stack up on your CNI Auto policy. 

11. 50101B_Driver Training Credit-01

This credit goes out to all our young drivers under 21-years-old who have completed an approved Driver Training Course. Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about the safe art of driving. 12. 50101B_Violation Free Discount-01

If you've been free of any chargeable violations for the past five years, you'll get rewarded on your CNI Auto policy. This discount will apply to all coverages as long as the policy remains in force and you don't incur any future chargeable violations. 

13. 50101B_Transfer Discount-01

When a policy is being rewritten from another auto company or renewed with Cornerstone, a discount will be applied to Liability, PIP Medical Payments and Collision coverages on your auto policy. Proof of prior insurance must be submitted with the application and maintained with the same CNI agent. 

15. 50101B_Youthful Farm Operators-01Insureds age 24 and under, who live on a farm and operate a vehicle that is described as Farm Use under the guidelines, are eligible for a 0.90 factor discount. Discount applies to Liability, PIP Medical Pay, and Collision coverages. Refer to Premium Adjustment Program for rating. 17. 50101B_6 Month Policy Discount-01If you're not comfortable paying your entire CNI Auto premium in one sitting, no worries. Those who pay six months at a time will also see a sizable discount on their CNI policy. 
16. 50101B_Annual Policy Discount-01

When you opt to pay your CNI Auto premium in full once a year, you'll see a hefty percentage discounted from your premium. Ca-ching, ca-ching!14. 50101B_Multi-Car Discount-01

If you're a proud owner to two or more cars, all insured with CNI, you'll get rewarded on your policy. Thank you for your loyalty to CNI!

We also offer these unique discounts:
  • Homeowners Credit
    Because we're proud of you for owning your own home in addition to a car, we'll credit your CNI Auto policy as our congratulations. Homes, townhomes, condominiums, and mobile homes qualify under this discount. 
  • Good Student Discount 

    Unmarried drivers between the ages of 16-24 are eligible for our Good Student Discount when the following criteria is met: 

      1. The student must be enrolled full time as a high school student, in academic college/university courses, or in a vocation technical school.
      2. A certified statement from a school official is presented to the Company indicating that one of the following requirements during the immediately preceding school semester has been achieved: a. Is in the upper 20% of his/her class scholastically; b. Maintains a “B” average, or its equivalent. If the letter grading system cannot be averaged, then no grade can be below “B”.
Contact your local CNI agent to ensure you're maximizing the savings on your policy with any of the discounts above. 

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